• What Makes an Oud Legend?

    What Makes an Oud Legend?

    Following Trygve Harris’ latest escapades through Laos, some confusion has come up about the real state of agarwood.  From some corners you’re being told agarwood is all but extinct, only to then hear that there’s in reality a surplus supply. So, what’s the deal? As I’m writing this, looking out at the distillery, a tractor offloads a freshly harvested agarwood tree. In a couple of hours...
  • Agarwood and Stress Relief

    Agarwood and Stress Relief

    Indigenous cultures and modern minds alike swear to the sacred nature of the mysterious agarwood tree. Oud wood and oil have a place in the homes of laymen and business tycoons alike, whether as carved agarwood beads, aloes wood miniatures of religious symbols, or bottles of fragrant oud oil. We might have dismissed it as mere superstition, had it not been for our own...
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