Here are more neat tricks to get the most out of your Oudh:

Tip 1.

There is a way to get your Oud essence lasting longer on you -
If you like it 'long and loud', you can put some Oud Oil on the accessories that you are wearing (bracelets, rings) and the inner side of your cuffs and shirt collar (warning: our Oud essence will stain your clothes and the scent will last for days on your fabric even after washing!)
As skin absorbs moisture, so will it absorb your Oud faster than when it is applied on static things such as your bracelet and shirts. Though it might last longer on these static items, the scent that will develop will not be as layered and full of depth.
We find that this is due to the skin's natural elements when reacting with the natural essence of Oud. This wonderful combination of the two properties - your skin and the Oud - will release a more profound and complex layer of Oud scents and notes that are full of depth - more depth than it would have on a surface other than your skin. Unfortunately, this will only be for as long as the Oud essence lasts, but once the drydown kicks in, you will have a scent that will linger for quite some time that leaves you wanting to smell more.

Tip 2.

When burning Oud wood chips, it is always better to burn it 'clean' on a mica plate that can commonly be found for burning incense. This will ensure that you get a 'cleaner' scent out of your burned Oud wood, as burning on coal requires that you not prepare the coal too hot, lest you will have some 'coal scent notes' together with your Oud wood scent during fumigation.
The best way to optimally heat up the coal is not through the stove but rather by a blowtorch lighter you can get for lighting up cigars. Just aim to torch the far sides of the 4 sided squarish coal instead of the middle part of it, and immediately place your Oud chip on the middle spot once you have done lighting. The heat from the sides will slowly move up to the middle of the coal and will give the slow burning effect on your Oud. The scent will be longer lasting and better smelling (without the coal notes) this way. The traditional way of burning is with a burner and coal and that is how we like to do it.

Tip 3.

A good tip to get the whole house absolutely fragrant with your Oud wood smoke and enhance its scent during fumigation is to run your good old steam bath. Ensure that the whole bathroom is steamed up, and proceed to get some Oud smoking in your bathroom. The scent that will linger thereafter will be so lasting that it can cause your whole house to be scented with Oud!

Tip 4.

Using an apparatus like a piece of newspaper to fan the Oud smoke during the fumigation process will also help to get more scent out from the incense smoke through to every corner of your house or the areas that you want to scent. Keep in mind not to fan directly at the coal though, as you would not want the coal ashes to be taken off its seat at the burner.

Tip 5.

Making use of the coal ashes, piling it up and using it as a bed for your Oud wood splinters will give you a cleaner and more accurate scent profile of your Oud wood, devoid of the charcoal smell.

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